I first got interested in Reiki when the people closest to me got sick. My grandma passed away in January 2017 from lung cancer and my fiancé was diagnosed with Lymphoma in April 2017. I know that I made a difference in my fiancé's health when he was told he went into remission Sept 2017. This makes me want to share my gift even more!

As well as my deep commitment to helping people heal, I'm very passionate about helping animals and volunteering to save animals for more than 10 years. I volunteer at Harmony House Cat Shelter, PAWS in Chicago, and Mercy for Animals to spread my healing love to animals. I use reiki to help animals heal and find happy homes.

I received my 200hr certification at Bloom Yoga Studio in Chicago. I weave together my love of reiki with yoga to create a welcoming and healing space. I have experienced the peace, balance and grounding that yoga can bring to everyday life and I love to share this with my students.

In my free time, you can find me taking photos, taking a yoga class, playing with my two black cats, listening to records, searching for a new plant to add to my collection, or enjoying a craft beer with friends.